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With the fast pace with which fashion evolves and grows, a lady is tempted to go beyond her own capabilities just to keep abreast with the times.

Being fashionable can be a struggle at times. What to wear? What accessories go with which style of clothing? The questions go on and on. For women looking for fashion tips, the following 10 fashion tips every woman should know offer insights into fashion-forward thinking.

1. Know Your Body:

This is extremely essential, as it is a guide to finding out what looks good on your body and what would fit or not fit. Knowing your body type is extremely essential.

The Ectomorph is the tall and slender, considered the most desirable body type.

The Endomorph is the apple-shape. Women with this body type carry a lot of their weight in the upper body area.

The Mesomorph is the athletic build. Women with this body type have broad shoulders, wider hips, and smaller waists.

It is also advisable to know your measurements before you shop.

2. Quality Versus Quantity:

Always buy fashion pieces with quality in mind. A few really good pieces will do a shopper better than numerous items that might not have as much of an impact.

Another strategy: Buy a few pieces that shoppers look fabulous in and then augment those classics with more trendy items over time.Quality does not always mean high cost. Buying well-made brands that fit into the shopper’s look and plays to their strengths can ensure each purchase is justified.

3. Shop Alone: 

This is very essential especially if you have friends or shopping mates that do not always stick to budget. Shopping alone also greatly helps you to concentrate on what is essential.

4. Create a “Personal” Look

Look for clothing designs, certain cuts, and styles that look the best and offer superior comfort. Buy more than one if something is found that works. For example, if a shopper finds a pair of jeans that accentuate her glamorous attributes, she should consider buying multiple pairs in more than one color.The best way to make a powerful and lasting impression through fashion includes developing a fashion style that others won’t forget.

5. Body Shapers:

While it is good to hit the gym to get rid of some excesses and unnecessary bulges, it is also advisable to get body shapers. This does the immediate job of hiding such excesses.

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