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Apart from dressing classy, you might also consider our tips on how to be a classy lady. Class is not only your clothes, but it is also your overall appearance, posture and the way you handle yourself in public. Consider these tips on how not only look but also be classy.

★ Take good care of your clothes. (Dry) clean them regularly, remove wrinkles and weird smells. If you take care of your clothes, the clothes will take care of you

. ★ Keep up the good hygiene. Try to stay fresh in any way you can. Use perfumes sparingly and try to avoid harsh smells. The same goes for the breath. Eat mints, chew gum, brush your teeth, in other words, take care of dental hygiene.

★ Have good manners. Learn basic etiquette; behave yourself properly in public and in private situations. Avoid confrontation and raising your voice unless absolutely necessary

★ Do not forget about hair, makeup, and nails. Stick to neutral colors, avoid crazy hairstyles or garish shades of lipstick and eyeshadow. Keep the nails clean and moderately short. Do not paint them in neon colors.

★ Carry yourself like royalty. Good posture is key, no slouching. The style of walking is also important. Try to avoid wide steps, running or dangling your arms.

★ At the end of the day, let loose a bit. It is impossible to stay classy 24/7. Breathe out, put on your favorite pajamas and curl up on the couch to watch your favorite soap opera. Be comfortable in your own body and in your style. Have fun! We hope that our tips will help become a better and classy you. Keep your chin up high, and show the world what you are worth.


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